Consistent self care pays off. We named our business Motiv8c3 to remind ourselves there are always choices to take a chance for change in life. Behaviorally, we can all get stuck in a rut and need more motivation. Talking with someone to alleviate isolation combined with movement works.  Together, we will cope and conquer challenges to build health. Studies scientifically report connections to mental health symptom management with exercise. Learn more about the buzz on mindfulness!

With 30 years experience in both the human service and fitness industry, there is no doubt the BODY controls the MIND and movement is a necessary addition to the helping relationship.   At Motiv8, we are infusing a passion for MOVEMENT to support your MIND into YOUR definition of WHOLE health.

Individual sessions allow us to develop tools that work for you, at your pace, that will hopefully continue much beyond our sessions.  Movement changes people in more ways than a physical appearance. Other tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy and guided visualizations also prove helpful in obtaining how your mind connects with the patterns of your autonomic nervous system which includes your brain.  Along the way, in our healing relationship, we often offer small bite sized teachings on yoga as one of our (trauma) specialty approaches for creating lasting (behavioral, cognitive and emotional) change.    

Research reports that only 20% of Americans are moving (our bodies) on a consistent schedule.  We want to help change this statistic.  Please email us to set up a time to say hello and see if our environment feels right to you.

We specialize with anyone who wants to receive more support, education and movement (Core, Cardio & Conditioning) in their life.  We work with youth (their parents!) or anyone who wants to learn more about behavioral health disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and or people who may need more support in their life for medical challenges such as diabetes and addiction/s.   

Education and health care are changing, and we are here to partner with you and your overall educational, health and well-being goals.  It's all about finding the balance in life and we believe we are never too old to learn new "tricks" and receive support.

Together dual trained clinicians (Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) who are also either Certified Alcohol Drug Counselors(CADC) or supervised by a Dual LCSW/CADC II who is Certified in Personal Training/Registered Yoga Teaching - we talk and move: creating small goals for adding more tools for motivation between sessions, and follow up with you as a dual health and  educational care partner.  We create at least one goal in writing and we review it at the next meeting.  


Your privacy is important to us.  Our location is small and personal. We work with people in all walks of the life span. Confidentiality is discussed every step of the way.   Our sessions primarily take place in one of three ways: online via a PRIVACY secured online platform, in the office or in private outdoor locations, perfect to include the calming benefits of nature.