Jennifer Murphy, LCSW, CADC II, CPT, RYT

My name is Jennifer Murphy. I am a mother, lifelong learner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Yoga Teacher.  i have 30 years of experience in both behavioral health and movement industries working with youth, adults, and seniors.  I started my career in inpatient for children and adolescents and knew I was in the right place to help.  Prior to this, I was blessed with a highly clinical grief support experience in my undergraduate college years and consider myself a specialist for complicated grief, having worked with some of the best leaders in this industry. Although I’ve worked in both health care and educational settings in various roles (inpatient, outpatient, residential), I’m happy to be back in the counseling office for my true passion to make a difference in the life of one person at a time.  Being your Whole Health Psychotherapist who infuses education about and with movement (with some experiential instruction to take with you long after our session/s) is my passion.  I’m fascinated about the intersection of how we each define and PRACTICE health for ourselves and have dedicated my career in motivating others to healthfully connect.  I value self study and both having stable people in my life and being that person for others.

In my spare time I enjoy getting into the woods for a trail jog/”run”, saunas and planning locations to bring my mobile office  - picture above is Mother's DAY 2023, when I picked it up!  It was years worth of planning, shopping for the rig, vetting it three directions, lots of set backs, but.. that's how a goal works, and I eventually got my custom design built.  It was a special "life dream" I kept driving for, come true. I also love incorporating music/dancing and writing into my life practice that can be so fun to bring to my clients.

Treatment Orientations

When we find ourselves season after season experiencing the same issues, it’s time to try taking a step towards the water ~ the water of new tides, new songs and new memories. Maybe the sea will be turbulent for awhile but rest assured we are all just walking each other home as we pass through this life.

With training in several therapeutic modalities, I find myself drawn to motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy initially until we decide together how you want to be guided in your process. Theoretically, I’ve been more of a “here and now” Gestalt and expressive arts style therapist with the caveat that sometimes we need to consider uncovering our past from a different mind body connection through getting out of our head and into our bodies more.  I PRIMARILY WORK IN SOMATIC AND ATTACHMENT BASED EMDR, motivational interviewing, CBT, Trauma informed DBT & Yoga Therapy.  Hypnotherapy is another great modality for trauma in my toolbox. I’ve also provided solution focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, family systems therapy (I love working with single parents!), IFS, narrative therapy, and enjoy working with people who are challenged with two issues at once “dual diagnosis” (for example depression and diabetes) and believe in the power of trust to establish treatment goals together FOR YOUR SELF STUDY. 

I utilize a person-centered, trauma-informed, STRENGTHS and solution-focused approach in conjunction with some awesome clinical experiences to mindfully explore new ways to pave new paths.

I work with children, adults and couples who may be experiencing:

Addiction  - Behavioral/Process -such as work, internet, food, shopping, gambling, sex and Chemical addictions like alcohol etc.

Adjustment to medical Diagnosis’

Aging transitions


Anxiety, panic and chronic inability to make decisions

Bipolar & mood disorders

Caregiver concerns

Chronic Pain


Domestic Violence abusers and victims

Divorce, Job Loss and other life transitions

Family issues

Gender Identity

Grief and loss (including complicated grief or being stuck or misdiagnosed years after a death)

Maladaptive Behaviors

Neurological life changes

Self-esteem issues

Spiritual concerns

Trauma, secondary or vicarious trauma

Relationship issues

Social isolation

Sexual Abuse and Assault Survivors

Sexual Harassment

Sexual (orientation) Identity

Workplace concerns

I welcome all races, all religions, all socio-economic status, all sexual orientations, all gender identities and expressions, all abilities, all ethnicities, all bodies, ALL PEOPLE.



Post Graduate Training Certificate in Alcohol Drug Counseling,  Fond du Lac Tribal Community College, 2013

University of Minnesota, MSW (Master of Social Work), 2004

University of Minnesota, BAS (Bachelors of Applied Science) Psychology and Communications), 1997

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy “Six-Day Training,” The Wellness Institute, 2019

OR Licensed Clinical Social Worker Number: L6167

OR Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor II 16- R-01

Complicated Grief Level II Training Mission Hospice, San Diego, CA, 2018

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training: The Center for Yoga of Seattle- August 2015

ACTION Certified Personal Trainer - October 2015

Jennifer, Jen, Murphy, LCSW, CADC II, CPT, RYT

Pronouns: She/her/hers. 

The above list is not exhaustive regrading other trainings in various realms within my four credentials regarding Continuing Education Credits that are submitted every two years to my boards.

The following TESTIMONY is about diabetes as this client's primary health goal.                                              Motiv8 is not a weight loss program.

You were so invaluable in motivating and working with me to lose weight, get healthy and maintain all this 3 years later!!! I was over 132 pounds (which for my body type at 5 feet and 2 inches and a very petite, bone structure and genetics pushed me into diabetes mellitus (DM) type II but now I am down to 117 pounds and maintained it! I have continued what you taught me when you worked with me on a one-to-one basis, along with a healthy diet. Now my  Hemoglobin A1C (a measurement of long-term blood sugar control)  is also reduced...you were worth so much more than what I paid you!!!

As a physician, I was impressed with your knowledge in both anatomy and physiology of body types to design a program that targeted the areas I needed to work on and create a long term program for me. Thank you Jen for everything...my body and my mind thank you!

Miss you and sincere gratitude,

Molly Pemmaraju , Because this client completed her time with Motiv8 over 7 years ago, and chooses to offer public testimony, we are not violated HIPPA, which i take very seriously.


Motiv8 meetings can vary in length to fit your needs and energy.  Currently, Motiv8 Whole Health is ran by me, the owner.  Habits will change with consistent planning and I am here to help.  50 minute sessions are $200 and  75 minute sessions are currently $250.  Being your psychotherapist, Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer all at once is a LOT; and I've been doing both industries for over 30 years - combining modalities is my life journey.   Because of how the brain is wired, and how the work week takes most people's focused energy, I prefer to meet with people twice per week either on a Tues or Thurs and a Sat rotation.  I save my Saturday time slots for client's committed to meeting twice per week.  Undoubtedly, accountability + consistency is key to building habits and motivation that builds. 

Couple or family sessions are 75 minutes for $275.  My goal is to meet you where you're at on your journey and hopefully offer enough tools, and expedited healing to move you to bi-weekly or monthly!  If you can't stick to your goals, we can always explore patterns that are held in your unconscious/subconscious via EMDR or clinical heart centered hypnotherapy. I aim to get you moving beyond where you are stuck and my skills deliver.  Motiv8 does not specialize in offering treatment for folks who already know their Dx involves Dissociative Identity Disorder/DID.

I am cash pay or in network with open card OHP.  Otherwise, I do not accept insurance at this time; and give you a receipt /super-bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. I accept Venmo & cash.  Payment is due directly at time of service. (Rates are subject to change)

20 minute complimentary discovery calls or 1:1 office/nature meet/greet take place at your convenience.   

Please call 971 727 5012   

For secure text, to set up discovery calls ~  please download the free (confidential - end to end encrypted) Signal app & text 971 727 5012. 

Thank you and here's to your WHOLE HEALTH, whatever that means to you.