Do you have a health concern & believe your physical health would improve with MORE support?

  Whether it's cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression,    C-PTSD, relationship concerns, feeling disconnected from positive support in life, or something else ~ (you do NOT need to share your health concern/Dx with the group) there is something about a shared experience that LIGHTENS us~
8 Weeks   8 People 8 Dimensions of our Whole Health! 

                                       Saturdays 10 - 1130  AM in person - starting after 8 people show interest 

                                                              Explore strengths, likes, interests

                                                      habits you would like to add into your life

                                                                   Structured Weekly SUPPORT 

 Includes one 45 minute individual session each week 
my passion is bringing people together.


 1:1 locations vary -    nature    office     telehealth


Our group will have health goals that we explore together with(in)

the power of our human connection (in person).     

This program is EXPLORATORY & aimed to help you decide what actions would have the most bang for their buck in your life and offers a reduced breakdown in cost from working with me individually.

I am offering my Whole Health 8 week Inquiry Group for $50/group and $150/week for your 1:1 .

The initial intake is 80 minutes ($250) and must take place before the first group.

IMPORTANT:  What you share with me is confidential and will not be shared with the group, unless you choose to do so. 

Folks may secure their spot in the group with up front cost of all 8 groups ($400) and $300 for workbook/intake to total $700.

The remaining 150/week for 1:1 can be paid weekly .  A receipt/superbill at the end of the 8 weeks can be provided for reimbursement to your insurance provider.  Please call them ahead to cross reference if they reimburse out of network and ask about their parameters as I am primarily an out of network provider (although new to OHP open card) and you may have a deductible, etc  You can inform your insurance provider, this is a psychotherapy group offered by a LCSW/CADC II who also has a Cert in Personal Training and Reg Yoga Teacher licensures.

Questions, please call Jen at 971 727 5012